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Environmental Movie List

A few weeks back we provided a list of surf themed movies.  Who could forget Bodhi, Turtle, and Matt Johnson? This week we are back with more video entertainment, however, this time our list has a message and is educational.  The list of movies examines current issues impacting beaches, oceans and waterways, aquatic sea life, and ultimately our race and planet. We can already see the effects that over consumption, plastic pollution, and global warming are having on planet Earth. Knowledge is power and the  more we know and more we are aware then the more we can all make a difference and bring about change.  So sit back and  buckle in.


  • Chasing Coral (free on Netflix.  You will leave this movie fired up about the state of coral ecosystems)
  • North of the Sun ($3.99 on Amazon Prime.  An artic adventure with minimal footprint. We should all take a lesson from this)
  • Mission Blue (free on Netflix. Protect our oceans.  The dire conditions of our oceans as told through the eyes of Dr. Sylvia Earle oceanographer and former chief scientist at NOAA.
  • A Plastic Ocean (free on Netflix. An eye opening adventure documentary about the state of plastic pollutants in our oceans and waterways. Don’t just pick up around beaches and waterways stop the problem at the source.)
  • Plastic: The Real Sea Monster (free on Amazon Prime and YouTube. We swim in a plastic ocean and walk a plastic beach)
  • How We Wrecked the Ocean: Jeremy Jackson (free TED Talk. An eye opening talk about the effects we’ve had on a coral reef in the Caribbean and beyond)
  • Chasing Ice ($3.99 on Amazon Prime. The cold, hard truth of what is happening in the Arctic.  Think Chasing Coral in a frozen land and you will get the picture.)
  • Sand Wars ($3.99 on Amazon Prime.  Stealing Sand? What next?)
  • American Experience: Rachel Carson (Free on Amazon Prime. Details the work of Rachel Carson a marine biologist employed by the  US Fish and Wildlife Service in the 1950’s and 60s where she wrote about the dangers of pesticides on the environment.)
  • Hawaii: Message in the Waves (free on Top Documentary Films)
  • Story of Stuff (free on YouTube.  Our overconsumption is impacting our lives)
  • Denali – a tribute to man’s best friend (free on YouTube.  It is not plastic or pollution but more about a bond. A bond between a man and an animal and if we don’t protect our resources we will have nowhere to hang out with our best friends)
  • 180° South ( $3.99 on Amazon Prime. A great story of adventure  in 1962 Patagonia that was recreated years later and has an underlying environmental message.)
  • Fishpeople ($3.99 on Amazon Prime.  The ocean has transformative powers. It can change a bad day into a great day.  But if we don’t protect it we will never get the chance to have that great day. )
  • Cane Toads An Unnatural History 1988 (free on YouTube.  A humorous movie about a serious topic )