New Hampshire Chapter

Our Team of NH Volunteers

Ryan Suplee
Who am I:  Volunteer Chair for Surfrider Foundation New Hampshire Chapter 
From: Living just across the Pescataqua River in Kittery, ME.  
When: I've been involved with Surfrider New Hampshire chapter for about 4 years. First few years as the Secretary and more recently the newly elected chair.
Why The Surfrider Foundation?  I joined originally to meet like-minded people who cared about our oceans and environment and the motivation to make change for the better.  I've grown to love the organization more than expected and the people who are a part of it that have and will grow into life long friends.
What are my other interests?  Anything related to the element of water or outdoor activities. Surfing, diving, fishing, sailing, snowboarding, wakeboarding and anything else that keeps me active in the fresh.
Surfrider 2021 Passions: Ocean Friendly Restaurants.  Helping more restaurants reduce their overall carbon footprint and plastic mitigation.
Chris Grippo
Vice Chair
Who am I:  I ask this question of myself everyday.  Chris Grippo, Vice Chairperson for Surfrider Foundation New Hampshire Chapter
Where am I from?:  Planet Earth, United States East Coast, New England and more specifically Hampton, New Hampshire.  
When:  Involved with the New Hampshire chapter for over 3 years. First just as a community member and then moved into a variety of chapter programs and now helping keep the NH ship running straight and true.  I guess I wanted to get comfortable with the charts, get my hands on the helm and take on more of a challenge.
Why The Surfrider Foundation?  Why not!!  All kidding aside; The Surfrider Foundation's mission which is to protect the world's ocean, waves and beaches for all we can all enjoy this Big Blue Marble is something that really resonates with me and lives at my core. 
What are my other interests?  Well of course surfing, but also windsurfing and skiing. Sort of a fun fact I was a former competitor in windsurfing that took me to many places around the world thanx to my main sponsor "Mom & Dad Inc" ( LOL) and a few other small ones who helped me along the way. I am a big fan of geography, cultures, and history.  
Favorite Quotes:  "Aut viam Inveniam aut faciam", "Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do", "The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall".  I have a bunch more, but these are three that I always remember. 
Christina Dubin
What’s your position? 
Secretary and RAP lead
Interests outside of Surfrider?
Surfing, creating functional and sculptural ceramic wares, adventures with my 2 kids and pursuing a graduate degree in public policy
Where are you living (or hometown and where you are now)? 
I'm originally originally from Texas but moved to southern Maine when I was 8 so I consider myself an East Coaster. I moved to Portsmouth a bit over 7 years ago and love it.
How long have you been a Surfrider member?
Almost 3 years...I think...time flies when you're in good company!
Why do you volunteer/ want to be involved?
The New England coast has been my home for much of my life and I've volunteered with local environmental citizen campaigns and non-profit organizations who protect our resources for the past 20 years. It wasn't until I moved to New Hampshire over seven years ago though, that I became involved in local policy which led me to working with the New Hampshire chapter of the Surfrider Foundation, who at the time were championing a single-use plastic bag ban for our city. After going to the state house to testify, I was hooked. I've been a volunteer member for a few years now. I'm most passionate about mitigating plastic pollution and look forward to continuing to focus on our chapter's Rise Above Plastics program and local/statewide legislation efforts. Surfrider has made a commitment to  Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. I'm grateful to be working on those issues in an intersectional manner with environmentalism.
Becca O'Brien
Volunteer Coordinator

Who am I: Becs O'Brien, Volunteer Chair, NH Chapter Surfrider Foundation
Where am I from?:I moved around the USA quite a bit growing up but landed in NJ for Middle and High School. Traveled to Scotland to gain my BA/MA then back to New England to start my career. Met the love of my life in Boston then moved to Portsmouth, NH after getting married. I also have a real connection with South Australia after living there twice in the last 9 years, and 2 of our 4 children were born in Adelaide. (We're Crows fan in case you're wondering)  
When:  Became involved 8 years ago when the NH Chapter was involved in the Zero Waste Movement here in Portsmouth, encouraging the Town to Ban the Bag. Since then I have served as Rise Above Plastics Coordinator, Secretary for the Chapter, Chair and now Volunteer Coordinator. A real Surfrider fan! 
Why The Surfrider Foundation?  The people, the mission, the friendships and the collective love for the sea and the joyful community of passionate activists ready to protect it. 
Why are my other interests
I love to run, prone paddleboard, swim, talk to my mom, paint (yep when I have the time I like to use acrylics and colored pastels), play piano and, I really like to work! Love my job serving as Marketing Lead and Brand Manager in the Organics Processing and Renewable Energy field.
Favorite Quotes:  "Wherever you go, there you are". CE "Pat" Raum (my Dad)

Brendan Barraclough

Why do you volunteer/want to be involved?

I volunteer to exemplify my love for the oceans and passion for mitigating single use plastics in everyday life. Without the oceans we have no life, and I take pride in preserving every coastline I can.

What’s your position?


Interests outside of Surfrider?

Hockey, lacrosse, travel, music and reading.

Where are you living (or hometown and where you are now)?

I currently reside in Beverly, MA but grew up in Newburyport, MA. I lived in Hampton, NH during high school and have always made routine trips to the NH beaches with family and friends alike.

How long been a Surfrider member?

1 year