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Surfrider NH #socialdistancing Surf Films

At Surfrider NH we have thought long and hard about how we can keep ourselves entertained while being confined or mostly confined to our homes. One of the great things to do is to catch up on movies. There are some truly great surf and/or surf related films out there.
Here is a list of 18 films with some of our comments. I am sure we have missed a few, so feel free to provide any thoughts on films you would add to the list. Sit back and enjoy.

  1. Big Wednesday. A pure classic if there ever was one. The director John Milius himself is a surfer. Also Gary Busey at his best as he tries to bake himself in an oven
  2. Point Break. The original of course. You can try to make an updated 21 Century version, but sometimes greatness just can’t be duplicated. Special Agent Utah and Pappas, and Bodhi and his merry band of baditos. "Utah get me two!"
  3. North Shore. It probably couldn’t be more classic 80s and goofy. Short shorts, bright neon colors a young Occy, Lopez ,and even Laird before Laird was Laird as we know him. And who can forget Turtle, “When the wave breaks here don’t be there or ya gonna get drilled!” hahahaha
  4. Endless Summer. The original of course. It is timeless. And set in a time where anyone considered an adult wore a suit on an intercontinental flight rather than yoga pants or sweats. A day long gone.
  5. Step into Liquid. Plain and simple a really good documentary
  6. Chasing Mavericks. Great movie and truly an amazing surfer gone to soon. Legend.
  7. Surfs Up. Who doesn't love a cartoon? And a cartoon version of Machado, Slater, and Laird Hamilton.
  8. Kissed by God. A great story about AI. Definitely sheds some light as to how he was tormented and incredibly talented.
  9. Soul Surfer. An inspirational story. I think everyone has heard of Bethany Hamilton.
  10. Momentum Generation. This the Generation that started it all. Slater, Machado, Dorian, etc.
    How much greatness did this group go on to?
  11. Bunker77. The story of Bunker Spreckels a trust fund kid, heir to a sugar fortune, stepson of Clark Gable.  He lived a crazy, large, and adventurous partying life. Not a bad life if you can keep it together. Obviously he did not.
  12. OceanDriven. This the story of Chris Bertish.  A Big Wave surfer that paid his own way through the big wave tour, and eventually SUP'd across the Atlantic in 2017. A solid dude with a very big heart.
  13. Blue Crush. OK don’t be a hater and beat us up on this too much. Heck there is a Blue Crush 2 as well. Equally as dumb of a movie, but what the heck if you liked North Shore then….
  14. Breath. An interesting surf inspired story based in Australia in the 70s.
  15. Drift. Another interesting story based in 1970s Australia.  It is the backstory of the Oz surf industry brands like Quik, Bong, RipCurl.  It based on a true story and or actual events although they don’t say exactly which brand.
  16. Dogtown and Z Boys. A great documentary about the Zephyr skateboard team. These skaters were also surfers and brought skate style and aggression to surfing. Legends.
  17. Lords of Dogtown . A biopic of Dogtown, Zephyr / Z-Boys written by Stacey Peralta
  18. In God’s Hands. Good surfing, but some great surfers are just not actors.